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ActiveCampaign gives you the email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools you need to create incredible customer experiences.

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Send exactly what your contacts want

Beautiful email marketing is only the beginning. Send newsletters and messages targeted to each contact’s interests. Make every campaign you send feel personal.

  • Email Marketing
  • Segmentation
  • Dynamic Content
  • Messaging

Send beautiful emails with just a few clicks

You don’t need to be a tech wizard to send emails. Our drag-and-drop email designer lets you set up beautiful campaigns in minutes.

Put the right emails in front of the right people

Build email newsletters. Create campaigns. Send great emails to stay in front of your audience—and offer exactly what they want to see.

Send exactly what your contacts want to see

What happens when you need to send different messages to different audiences? Segmentation and dynamic content make it easy to customize your message and send targeted emails to exactly the right contact.

Email marketing that’s personalized and personal

Personalize your emails based on any contact information you have. When you send exactly what your contacts want to see, your emails feel personal. And more people engage with your emails.

Find what works, then test to find what works better

Reporting helps you see which emails are performing and which ones could use work. Then, you can use simple split testing to make your emails get more opens, clicks, and buys.


Automation gives you back your time

Make it easy to run your marketing. Set up a welcome series with email automation, segment your contacts, or use simple workflows to automate the marketing no one has time for.

  • Automation
  • Segmentation
  • Contact Management
  • Email Marketing

Automate your marketing in a few simple clicks

You don’t need to be a tech wizard to use marketing automation. Our drag-and-drop automation builder lets you set up automated workflows in minutes.

Make sure the right people get the right information

Segmentation lets you send exactly what your contacts want to see. When you improve your targeting, you can build stronger connections and grow your business.

Map out exactly what’s happening in your automations

See all your automations in a single view. With a birds-eye view of your automations, you can make tweaks and get better results without worrying about stuff going wrong.

Marketing automation takes care of details so you can focus on the stuff you love

Set up a welcome series with email automation. Find your most engaged contacts. Pull in information from other platforms. Automate the marketing no one has time for.

Automate your email follow up

Find your most engaged contacts

Integrate your favorite apps

Integrate with the marketing tools you already use

You should be able to use any marketing tool you like. That’s why ActiveCampaign integrates with over 850+ different apps, including WordPress, Zapier, and Shopify.


Sales automation helps you sell more

A CRM with email and sales automation keeps all your customer data organized in one platform. Manage your pipelines, update deals, and always follow up at the perfect moment.

  • CRM
  • Lead Scoring
  • Win Probability
  • Automation

Keep track of leads in a CRM, not in your head

A sales CRM with automation stops tasks from piling up on your desk. Automate lead prioritization and contact management so you have time to sell.

No more digging through emails, business cards, and clunky CRMs

Manage your contacts in a central platform. Automatically update contact details and view a lead’s entire history from the contact record.

Make sure no sales contacts slip through the cracks

When you can see your whole sales process at a glance, your sales team is always on the same page. Track every interaction and pick up where anyone else left off.

Know which leads to focus on and when to wait

Which leads are the highest priority? Who is most likely to become a customer? Lead scoring, win probability, and automated segmentation make it easy to identify your best leads.

Work where you want. Use your favorite email provider.

Connect with Gmail, Outlook, or any other email provider. Use our Chrome extension to manage contacts from any page and create deals directly from your Gmail account.

How can sales automation help you sell more in less time?

Sometimes mundane, manual tasks eat at your calendar. Other times contacts slip out of your funnel. A sales automation CRM keeps your entire sales process moving smoothly.

Notify your sales team

Update deals & create tasks

Nurture leads automatically

Integrate with the sales tools you already use

You should be able to use the sales software that make sense for your business. That’s why we integrate with 850+ different apps, including Unbounce, Zendesk, and Calendly.

Close deals on the go with Deals CRM for iOS

Check contact information, create and manage tasks, make calls, and update deals while in the field. All the information you need is always in your pocket.


Message your customers when it matters most

Make meaningful connections with your customers. Answer questions, recommend products, offer sales, or ask for feedback at the exact moment they’re most engaged.

  • Site Messaging
  • Engagement Tracking
  • SMS
  • Segmentation

Reach your audience no matter where they are

Your audience isn’t glued to their inbox. When you reach your audience across platforms, you make sure your message gets heard.

SMS marketing

Sometimes you need to reach people while they’re on the go. SMS and text marketing send your messages right into your customers’ pocket. Schedule text reminders, send notifications, and automate your SMS marketing.

Facebook custom audiences

Target people with Facebook Ads they want to see. Use data to automatically retarget based on visits to your website, product interest, form submission, custom fields, and any other information you collect.

Site messages

Reach people at the moment they’re most interested—when they’re actually looking at what you have to offer. We let you talk to people as they read your website, with messages you can automate (or customize based on segmentation data).

Integrations get your voice across all your platforms

You have data about your audience in all your business’ tools. You should be able to use it to customize your messages. That’s why we integrate with 850+ apps, including WordPress, Zapier and Shopify.

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