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How EasyStore Helps Your Business


Sell more on multiple sales channels

Sell more on online store, Shopee, Lazada, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Live, Point of Sales, Wholesale Portal to run and grow your business.

Reach different type of customers

Grow your customers base from different sales channels and have full access to their information for customer relationship management.

Boost your sales conversion

From first customers to repeat customers, our marketing tools help increase your customers’ desire to place order and generate repeat purchases that lead to a higher conversion rate.


All-in-One Solution To Sell on Multiple Sales Channels

Every feature you need for a successful ecommerce business
  • Sales Channels :- Expose your products to multiple sales channels
  • Marketing :- Boost sales conversion with marketing tools
  • Order Processing :-Simplify order and shipping processing
  • Product Management :- Organize products for all sales channels
  • Customer Relations :- Turn visitors into loyal customers
  • Business Analytics :- Monitor and improve business performance

Sales Channels


Discount and promotion

You can run various types of promotions like discounts, free gifts, purchase with purchase (PWP), reward credit and more. Set promotion with limited time to create a sense of urgency.

Voucher code

Your customers can enjoy the promotion with voucher codes. It can apply to logged-in customers, specific customer groups, or public to provide a sense of exclusivity to your customers.

Reward credit

Motivate your customers to buy more and encourage repeat purchase with EasyStore’s reward credit. You can set the minimum purchase requirement for them to earn the credit.

Email marketing

Constantly engage with customers via email marketing helps you to build long term customer relationships. All customer information is real-time synced to your preferred email marketing platform.

Search engine marketing (SEM)

EasyStore is a SEO-friendly platform that allows you to edit business SEO such as meta title and meta description. You can also sync products to Google Merchant Center to run Google ads.

Marketing blog

Up your marketing strategies game with blog content. EasyStore allow you to enrich your blog content with the ability to add video, image, text, table, backlink, and author name.

Social media marketing

EasyStore lets your business stay relevant on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Youtube and more social media platforms. Your contents are shareable by customers across the internet.

Product recommendation

EasyStore’s product recommendation feature helps to increase your customers’ average order amount. We will recommend relevant products to them when they are browsing a product.

Referral Program

The referral program allows you to promote your products with the power of Word Of Mouth. You can reward different referrals groups with cash, coupon code, or store credit.

Product Management

Inventory Sync

All sales channels inventories are synced into EasyStore backend. The inventory will be updated across all channels once a product is sold. Save your time by using our bulk inventory management.

Product Collections

Group relevant products together so your customers can easily browse and find the product they want. The product collection’s SEO is editable to improve your product Google ranking.

Product Bulk Editor

A one-page editor that allows you to amend your selected products at once. You can select the details you want to edit such as price, inventory, SKU, etc., to be more efficient in updating your products.

Product Options and Variants

EasyStore allows you to create multiple product variants. You can upload image and set different prices for each of them. Customers can choose their preferences from the product options displayed.

Product Scheduling

Group relevant products together so your customers can easily browse and find the product they want. The product collection’s SEO is editable to improve your product Google ranking.

Product Description Template

We help you to skip copy-paste actions in updating the description. Use our description template to apply the same content on all product pages or selected product collections pages.

Customer Relations

Customer Information

Collecting customers information helps to understand their shopping habits. You can access to their details such as emails and contact numbers from all sales channels to build your customer relationship.

Customer Groups

Customer grouping can create exclusivity for your business. You can categorize your customers with similar shopping behavior into different groups and run separate targeted promotions.

Quick Message Broadcast

Instantly reach where your customers are active. You can send personalized message via SMS, email, and Messenger to the targeted customers at once. Only available in business plan.

One-click checkout

A seamless checkout that helps repeat customers to speed up purchase process. Once a customer purchases from you for the first time, the information is saved securely for future purchases.

Chat Box

EasyStore supports various chat box services for your customers to reach you. With built-in automation, you can provide auto-reply or live chat support to your customers’ inquiries.

Customer Credit

Reward credit helps you to generate repeat sales and makes your customers stay longer with your business. Your customers can earn credits with every purchase they make with you.

Business Analytics

Sales Channel Performance

Effectively optimize your ads spend and performance based on the reports of your sales channels. You can filter each of your selling channel to review the performance insights.

Repeat Purchases Report

Focus on the right audience for your upcoming marketing strategies. The ratio between new and repeat customers helps you understand whether you should focus on new acquisition or remarketing.

Top-Selling Products Report

Allocate resources to promote the best performing products in your business. You can understand the customer demand on your products and focus on promoting them to maximize your sales.

Average Order Value Report

Increase each customer’s spending on every purchase with you. Explore ways to upsell your customers adding more products into their shopping carts, such as purchase with purchase, product recommendation, and free delivery.

Website Traffic Report

Maximize your sales at the peak hour of your website. Monitor your real-time page views and website visitors number to run marketing events during the most active time of your customers.

Google Analytics

Improve your marketing ROI to reach the right target audience. You can track and evaluate the performance of your website based on behavior of visitors to optimize ads spend and website content.

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