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Easy Installation

Easy install like any WordPress plugin

Install in just minutes and integrate seamlessly with your current WordPress site. MemberMouse integrates directly with core WordPress functionality so you can customize login screens and protect existing pages without re-creating everything from scratch.

Quickly import existing members

Migrating from another membership platform? Have an existing customer or member list you want to upload? You can easily import these members via a CSV file, plus you can manually add members too.

Get up and running fast

Get from install to first sale in minutes instead of days. Just add your product or membership content to the system, connect to your preferred payment provider, and use our ready-to-go checkout page template.

Enjoy immense flexibility and customization options

Once you’re up and running, the sky’s the limit! Check out all the amazing things you can do with MemberMouse features, starting with Selling Your Products.

Sell Products

Give a seamless and sexy checkout experience

MemberMouse checkout pages are delivered on your domain and integrate seamlessly with your WordPress theme and website aesthetic.

Powerful tools to maximize revenues

Convert more with 1-click buy links. Increase retention with automated subscription recovery and downselling. Cater to all by accepting both credi

Flexible pricing lets you sell the way you want

Implement creative sales strategies or test various pricing options for any/each product with free and paid trials, subscriptions, payment plans, and coupon codes.

Use Purchase History to Drive More Sales

Customize your marketing messages based on each user’s purchase history. Our automated segmentation and SmartTags make it easy to deliver future products based on previous purchases.

Create a personalized experience that builds trust

Our SmartTags let you greet each customer by name, offer real-time product recommendations based on purchase history, and more.

Protect Content

Protected Members Area

Provide your customers an organized and protected Members Area where they can view and access any product they have purchased. Easily protect any page or post and grant access to any membership level with the click of a button.

Customized Login Screen + Password Reset

Easily customize your WordPress login screen and reset password pages to your own logo, branding, and url. Users can easily reset their passwords without contacting you for support.

Personalize content based on user access

Use our SmartTags to easily display different content on any post or page, based on membership level. Plus, upsell access to restricted content for additional sales opportunities.

Drip content to members over time

You can schedule your content to release a little at a time – such as one module per week – based on each user’s purchase date. Or go ahead and deliver all your content at once!

Create a ‘teaser version’ of paid content for social sharing

Secure your content and prevent account sharing

Set your security preferences: You can limit login attempts and auto-lock shared accounts.

Manage Members

Easily manage any member account details

View and edit member account details and access rights. Create custom member fields. Enjoy robust member search tools and view each member’s Lifetime Customer Value and engagement statistics.

Minimize support requests with My Account Self Service

Allow members to easily reset their password, view purchase history, update their account information and more. Let them upgrade, downgrade or cancel subscriptions while also offering options to save the sale – all automated and keeping you hands-free.

1-Click buying makes additional purchases a no-brainer

With each member’s credit card saved to their account, all it takes is a single click to purchase additional products when logged in. Plus you can recommend products in their Member’s Dashboard, based on their membership level or purchase history.

Handle technical issues quickly and efficiently

For those times when your customers need your direct technical support, you can quickly review any member’s activity log, or login as them, for effective troubleshooting. Reset passwords, issue refunds, add or remove products and subscriptions, and so much more.

Single sign-on with Facebook/Twitter/Google/LinkedIn login

No new usernames and passwords to remember or lose. Let your members access your protected content with their preferred social account login.

Automated handling of declined payments and access rights


Build your business without creating a job for yourself

Don’t get buried in little tasks or countless support requests. We automate the tasks that keep your business profitable, saving you time so you can focus on the parts of your business that you love.

Give new members immediate access

New customers don’t have to wait for you to manually create their account, and you don’t have to worry about keeping up with membership growth. You can also automatically trigger internal notifications of user actions, for example: if you want to welcome members with a personal phone call.

Minimize support requests with My Account Self Service

Automation = Customer Empowerment. Members can easily reset their password, view purchase history, update their account information and more. Let them upgrade, downgrade or cancel subscriptions without contacting your customer support, saving you time and money.

Failed payment follow-up & overdue accounts are handled automatically

Save the sale when someone tries to cancel

You can build a ‘Save the Sale’ page that will automatically display when someone tries to cancel their subscription.

MemberMouse plays well with others

MemberMouse integrates with nearly any system through Zapier and our Push Notification System. This helps you minimize chaos and manual tasks without sacrificing functionality.

Reporting & Analytics

Know where your sales are coming from

Does your $1 trial perform better than your free trial? Which shopping cart or sales channel generates the most revenue? What is your most popular or profitable membership level? Find out with our sales reports by membership level, product, sales channel or payment service.

Run transaction reports and pass data to your accounting software

MemberMouse integrates with QuickBooks and other accounting systems through Zapier, so that you can automatically pass transaction and accounting-level data at the time of sale.

Understand member behaviors and sales trends

Know how many months your average member remains an active subscriber and also know the rate at which you’re losing members. Get a bird’s eye view of member engagement and content consumption, and know the average lifetime value of your customers.

Drill down into any member’s history and data

In addition to measuring and reporting data across your entire membership or customer base, you can also view any individual’s purchase history, activity log, lifetime customer value, and more.


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