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Sell more digital products with SendOwl

Whether you’re an established company making the move into digital products, or a new company with ambition and attitude, then we’ll help you grow and prosper.

We have everything you need to sell quickly, to scale efficiently, and to enjoy your success (with our fixed monthly pricing plans, we won’t penalise you for success).

Come join us and let’s take over the world one digital product at a time.

Sell More

No matter how customers want to buy, we’ve got you covered

  • Responsive checkout – Whether your customers are browsing on mobiles, tablets or desktops they’ll have a great user experience.
  • Multi-language – Your customers are automatically shown the checkout pages in their native language, improving conversion.
  • Payment options – Whether your customers want to pay with a credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay or even Bitcoin, we can make it happen.
  • Sell from anywhere – You can sell to customers via email, social media, your blog, your website or anywhere else.

SendOwl is optimised for selling more

  • Affiliates – To further boost your sales, we’ve created an inbuilt affiliate system. 
  • Upsells – Upsells are a great way to make more money on each sale without additional marketing spend.
  • Cart abandonments – There’s nothing more soul crushing than watching a customer abandon their cart actually at the checkout stage.
  • Offer discounts – Run promotions without any fuss. Discount codes are fully trackable so you can see what works (you can even target individual customers).
  • Encourage Gifting – We’ve made it easy for your customers to gift a product to a friend or family member.
  • On-site checkout – On-site checkout overlays the SendOwl checkout in a lightbox on your site so it looks as if it’s provided by you.
  • Pay what you want pricing – Let your buyers decide how much they pay you, with an optional minimum to protect your margins.
  • A modern checkout – Our checkout is mobile optimised, user friendly and very straightforward,

Sell whatever you want

  • Products – We’ll help you sell any type of digital product (ebooks, crochet patterns, software…). 
  • Memberships – Whether you want to add a new customer to a closed group as a perk, or sell access to a membership forum full of carefully curated content, you can with SendOwl.
  • Subscriptions – Selling subscriptions is easy with SendOwl, whether you want to charge a recurring fee for access to your products.
  • Drip functionality – Instead of releasing your product all at once, you can instead release it over a number of weeks, months or years to keep your customers hooked.


We do the basics well (and the advanced features even better)

  • Safe and secure – As tech experts, we understand how to make your digital files secure
  • Super-fast delivery – Your customers want fast delivery of their shiny new product otherwise they’ll be left feeling frustrated. 
  • We scale easily – SendOwl has been designed to scale with you, whether you’re selling two orders per hour or 50,000. 
  • Shopping cart – Whether you want to sell your products via Instant Buy or via our Shopping Cart, you can.


Customisations that will increase conversions

  • Edit order emails – You can change the style and content of any email that is sent out to your customers.
  • Reinforce your branding – Everything your customer sees can be matched to your brand.
  • Custom checkout fields – If you need extra information from your customers during checkout. 
  • Keep it simple – SendOwl lets you turn off – and on – various fields in the checkout process so you only show a customer what they need to see, and keep conversion high.

Keep Customers

Keep in touch with customers and sell more

  • Mailing lists – You can automatically add your customers’ email address to a mailing list at MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, ConvertKit and many others.
  • Genuinely free updates – If you update an existing product in SendOwl, you can choose to email previous buyers to tell them about the update
  • Keep an eye on sales – Analytics is super-exciting information that holds the key to how you can grow your business – and what you might be doing wrong.

Protect your Assests

Protect your digital products

  • Protect your PDFs – Discourage the illegal sharing of your PDF products by stamping them with the name and email of your customer.
  • Let us handle license keys – Do you sell software or an item that requires a license key? We can handle the generation, storage and issuing of keys so you can protect your software from illegal use.
  • Enable video streaming – With video streaming you can give people access to your videos without requiring them to download it, and potentially share it without permission.

Tax & Fraud

Boring but important stuff

  • Managing taxes – Wohoot! More tax! Can life get any better? With SendOwl you can easily add tax on to the total price of a product or include it in the price.
  • Fraud/regional filtering – We’ve got your back if you want to block dodgy buyers by email address, IP address or region.
  • API access – Okay, this isn’t boring. If you want to handle more complex administration tasks automatically.
  • Multi-user accounts – This is a game changer as soon as you have a team. If you want to give people access to your account you can do
  • EU VAT rules 2015 – To comply with the 2015 VAT changes (should you choose to) most SendOwl sellers simply need to check one extra checkbox and then we’ll do the rest.
  • Two-factor auth – We’re the only digital delivery provider to offer Two-factor authentication (2FA).


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