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Learn how industry leaders are using the power of SUMO to transform their customer engagement strategy to acquire, grow, and build brand advocates.  Join the scheduling revolution and over 85,000 customers on the SUMO platform.

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How SUMO Works?

Drive business growth with appointment, event, & queue automation.

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SUMO provides a complete suite of applications.

Online Scheduler

Attract customers with “Schedule Meeting” links on your website, email signatures, and more.

Instant Booking Wizard

In Salesforce, allow staff to instantly find a resource, available time slot, and book it.

Invite Manager

Email outbound meeting Invitations to prospects to meet.

Assignment Engine

Make sure the prospect meets with the right salesperson, at the right location, at the right time.

Reminder Engine

Cut no-shows by >27%. SUMO ensures everyone shows up to the meeting.  Automated emails, text messages, and phone reminders.

Multi Calendar

A Scheduler’s Dream – Gain complete visibility & control over your entire workforce.  Built on Salesforce Lightning, native in Salesforce.

Calendar API

Schedule Anything for Anyone – At the core of SUMO is a Calendar API that maintains a secure persistent connection to standard calendar platforms.

Analytics Builder

Make better data-driven business decisions with SUMO Analytics Builder.  Create unlimited reports.  Schedule reports to be auto-emailed. 

Online Registration Site

Let customers and prospects quickly register for Events & Classes from any device.

Event Builder

Quickly create & manage template-based events. An Event Coordinators dream come true.

Event Desk

An intuitive event check-in system. Rapidly check-in event attendees on desktop or tablet.

Waitlist Check-In Site

Help customers get ahead of the line by checking-in online or onsite. Keep customers happy with a waitlist system.

Queue Manager

Empower your employees to manage waitlist queues at their fingertips.

Field Service Scheduler

Let customers self-schedule appointments at their location and SUMO will auto-assign resources based on proximity and skill.

More Modules

We’re constantly innovating, so check with is if you don’t see the module you’re looking for.  We might already have a solution ready.

SUMO Features 

Scheduling Automation Features

Online Self-Scheduling Site

  • Responsive Self-Scheduling Sites work on mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • Custom Branding, Coloring, Fonts, and more.
  • Web Site “Schedule Now” Button
  • Email Signature “Schedule Now” Button
  • Team Scheduling with Load Balancing, Priority-Based Scheduling, and more.
  • Configurable 2-Step to 5-step Self-Scheduling Process

Reminder Engine

  • Automate Text Message Reminders
  • Automate Email Reminders
  • Automate Phone Reminders
  • Customer Self-Reschedule Option
  • Traffic Light Status Indicators
  • Bi-Directional Confirm/Decline Status

Scheduler or Calendar

  • Simple Scheduling
  • Complex Scheduling
  • Multiple Location Support
  • Schedule Rooms
  • No-Show Tracking
  • Find a Time
  • Work Shift Awareness
  • Color Code Appointments
  • Traffic Light Status Indicators
  • Worldwide Time Zone & DST Support
  • Tasks & Activities
  • Proximity Search
  • Adv. Search

Customer / Patient Management Features

The Profile

  • Built native on the World’s #1 CRM platform,
  • Customer / Student / Patient CRM Database
  • Household & Family Member Support
  • Social Connectivity & Awareness (Facebook, LinkedIn, and more)

Task Management

  • Create Tasks
  • Delegate Tasks
  • Track Late Tasks
  • Re-Assign Tasks

Document Management

  • Integrated Content Library
  • SOAP Notes
  • Store and Manage Documents (large file sizes supported)
  • Publish Documents Online
  • Password Protect Individual File Access
  • Set Expiration Dates for File Access

Sales & Marketing Features

Prospect Management

  • Manage Prospects
  • Assign Prospects
  • Mass Email Prospects
  • Convert Prospects to Customers

Marketing & Communications

  • Create custom HTML & Text Email Templates
  • Mass Email Contacts
  • Create Mail Merge Documents
  • Send Direct Mail
  • Add-Ons for additional Marketing Integration (Emails, Postcards, Social, Events, and Surveys)

3rd Party Marketing Integration

  • Add SUMO “Schedule Now” button to mass emails.
  • Pardot
  • Exact Target
  • MailChimp
  • SilverPop
  • and more!

Management Features

Analytics Engine

  • Includes 5 Dashboards with 30+ Reports
  • Create Custom Reports
  • Create Custom Dashboards
  • Automated Reporting
  • Schedule Reports & Dashboards to be auto-emailed routinely.

Approval Processes

  • Configure complex approval processes.
  • Accept / Reject
  • Automate actions, based on approve or reject.

Administrative Features

Work Flow & Automation

  • Automatically Create Tasks & Activities
  • Automatically Send Emails
  • Automatically Make Field Updates
  • Visual Process Manager

Customization & Administration

  • Customize All Standard SUMO Objects
  • Create New Custom Objects
  • Create & Manage User Profiles
  • Multi-Currencies
  • Download 3rd-Party Apps from Salesforce AppExchange

Bonus Features

Social Features

  • Chatter Private Social Network
  • Custom Groups
  • Invite Customers
  • Post Links
  • Post Images
  • Post Files
  • Follow Feature
  • Like Feature

SUMO Mobile

  • iPhone, Android, and Tablet support.
  • Prospect Management
  • Account Management
  • Contact Management
  • Task Management
  • Social Feed
  • Log an Activity
  • Log Notes
  • Post Photo
  • Post Link
  • And More

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