We provide cutting edge tools especially designed for dropship businesses that wish to integrate with Dropshippers . Just pick a dropship plan from your free account and start selling immediately.

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1 Million Dropship Products

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  •  Synch to eBay, Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, more
  •  Create a new professional store loaded with products
  •  Import orders automatically & synch inventory and tracking
  •  Download products & images in CSV files

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Partner with dropship professionals

What Do We Do Exactly?

We integrate dropship products from the best dropshipping suppliers into one single account. There is no need to sign up with any supplier. We handle orders & returns with the suppliers for you. With our automated dropshipping solutions, you can import products to your existing webstore or to eBay and Amazon. We can also create a brand new store for you – or – you can download product images & CSV files if you are creating your own store.

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We provide cutting edge tools especially designed for dropship businesses that wish to integrate with dropshippers. Just pick a dropship plan from your free account and start selling immediately.

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Search our Dropship Help Articles & Video page to find helpful documents and videos about drop shipping and about our drop shipping services.

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Our Dropshipping History

Wholesale2b is owed by Onlinestorebiz.com LLC, founded 15 years ago as a software development company with a focus on drop shipping software.

188179188,179 Customers

116681145116,681,145 Products Synched

  •  Founded in 2004
  •  Integrated with over 100+ Dropshipping companies
  •  1 million dropship products at your disposal
  •  Automated solutions to synch inventory, orders, and tracking
  •  Order fulfillment services included with all our plans

Our Mission

Wholesale2b mission is to help the online entrepreneur get started with a Dropshipping business quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to increase your online Dropship business revenue with almost no effort and no technical knowledge.

  • Increase your online business revenue with more products
  • Streamline your online business with our automated tools
  • Work fewer hours & make more money
  • Manage your entire dropship business with just 1 account

Through our platform you will gain access to a wide variety of Dropship products and get a chance to maximize your profits with genuine wholesale prices.

You will have a chance to make money regardless of whether you are new or a seasoned seller. We are here to help you increase your profits and get additional income using a proven business model.

Wholesale2b is a leader in provision of wholesale dropship products and dropship selling tools. Our mission is to help you achieve success with efficient and user friendly tools. We offer product sourcing, order fulfillment, handling of returns, listing tools, import tools for leading E-commerce sites and CSV files.

Free Dropship Directory

We work with a lot of drop shippers and have a directory with more than 100+ dropship companies and over 1 MILLION products. These mainly include drop shipping companies from the USA and few from China.

Vetted Dropshippers For Best Quality

Each of our integrated dropshippers is a reliable client and a top distributor from a leading niche. We pride ourselves on working closely with the best dropshippers on the market with exclusive brands, large catalogs and high-demand dropship products.

Thanks to our contacts and main expertise, we allow you to find the right dropshipping supplier for your business and benefit from selling their products directly from your Wholesale2b account, without having to deal with suppliers directly. All products are synched daily.

Full Dropship Product Data At No Additional Costs

Our dropshipping supplier inventory is full of data that is complete and comes at no additional cost to you. You can view products and browse through all of their details, seeing them from every angle and learning more about them. We integrate the supplier categories into the Wholesale2b categories to make the browsing process as easy as possible. This can help you make a well-informed decision and get the products that align with your needs, goals and strategy.

We also provide price comparisons with eBay and Amazon so you can see recent average prices on eBay and Amazon for a quick comparison, straight from the Wholesale2b product detail page.

Exclusive Reseller Information

Our collection of dropshipper information includes everything from dropshipping supplier policies, product count, UPC and eBay images compliance, average time taken to get tracking codes, shipping location, reseller contacts and full information about every dropshipper in one place.

We also include the supplier categories which you can browse with just one click and still remain in your Wholesale2b account. This way, we make it easy for our members to access dropship data in one place and use it in the best way possible.

Dropship Learning Center

Droship Order Processing

If you open an account with Wholesale2b.com, not only will you be able to push products to many marketplaces, but you will also be able to process all your orders from one single account.

All you need is an active account with Wholesale2b and a Verified account. A Verified account is required to protect us against any online frauds since we make no profits on the dropship products. You can easily verify your account directly from your Wholesale2b account.

Once your account is verified, we will handle all your dropship orders with the suppliers for you. You will NOT need to contact any of the suppliers. In this case we will charge a 3% fee which will be added to the total wholesale order.

You can still handle your orders yourself should you prefer to do so. In this case you will NOT be charged the 3% fee.

When Wholesale2b handles orders for you, we will also take the responsibility of fetching the tracking codes for you, and we’ll update the order detail accordingly and push them to eBay, or Amazon, or to your online store. We will also take on the responsibility of communicating any return requests to the suppliers for you.

What happens in a case of a return

In case of a return, you must create a support ticket with the order number, and include the reason for the return request. We will then contact the supplier to get the return request approved. Once approved we will provide you with the RMA number and the return address which you can pass on to your buyer.

Once the item is received the supplier will review it and grant a refund as per their refund policy. A refund will then be issued to you AFTER we receive the refund from the supplier.

It is very important that you should NOT issue your buyer any refund until you have received a refund from Wholesale2b first. There is simply never any guarantee that a return request will be approved so it is wise to wait until the full cycle of the return process is complete before issuing a refund to your customer.

Processing Time

Wholesale2b will handle each new order within 1 business day. Then we must wait until the supplier packs & ships the order with a tracking code. This usually takes a few days. Some suppliers provide tracking codes faster than others and you will have access to a shipping time report from your Wholesale2b account including the average number of days taken by each supplier to provide tracking codes.

You can use this information to set your expectation as to how long you will need to wait until you get the tracking codes.

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